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The Hip Spot Episode 2 With Guest Tony Rappa

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Are you a Healthy Techie? Join me as I chat with the founder of IGirlTechNews.com, Tony Rappa On this episode we chat with Tony about tech news and how we can utilize tech in our lives. Tech and apps offer us convenience and efficiency for our lives. Join in on the convo by sharing your opinions and tweeting to @hippyfitmom. ... Read More »

I Focus, You Focus, We All Focus For Purpose – The Importance Of Focus


Focus. This five letter word plays such a significant and integral part in our lives.  I hear it all the time, in regards to my kids and school, or my husband in addressing me.  It has a huge impact on being successful.  We can look at it from a present or future perspective.  Depending on what perspective we integrate focus, ... Read More »

The Hip Spot With Guest Tiana Culley

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Join me as I chat with Tiana Culley of Fourteen20 designs on The Hip Spot – Getting The Skinny With HippyFitMom. The Hip Spot is fresh, fun and awesome conversations with amazing people. This show is to motivate others to be their best selves, while leading healthy and fit lives. On this episode we chat with Tiana about Pinterest, DIY ... Read More »

Are You A Healthy Techie?

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Though sometimes technology can bring frustration with crashing computers or even a sense of loss of privacy, it also can be a great thing for busy individuals enhancing our lives or offering convenience.  Whichever side of you sway towards when it comes to your thoughts on technology, either frustration or greatness, it can definitely help us stay healthy and reach ... Read More »

My Read And What I Am Going To Do About It – Health Solutions

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Many of us are plagued with illness, chronic pain and discomfort.  With so many different pharmaceutical drugs out on the market for each particular ailment, how is one to choose?  The answer is we don’t…well that is the goal right? Read More »

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