A Second away from Fitness….

A Second away from Fitness….

This time of the year we need to focus on more than fitness for a minute and look at something bigger then ourselves.The other day was Memorial Day. For most of us this meant a 3 day(or 4 day for some) weekend. We used this time to get things done around the house, go shopping, visit family or other 3 day weekend type of things. Most of us did a lot of things that didn’t really focus on the point of Memorial Day.

As we get farther and farther away from the “big’ wars that were fought by our older relatives. Many of us don’t really take the time to take why we get that 3 day weekend into perspective.

I read something on the Internet the other day about a young man who was talking to an older Veteran on Memorial Day. The young man was talking to him about his time in combat, how he was wounded and one of his fellow soldiers saving his life by holding his wound for an entire night. That Veteran ended up receiving a purple heart. Around that time in the story it said that the old man began to tear up. The young man apologized to him for making him rehash such a painful story but the Vet said that he wasn’t tearing up because of the story (he said he didn’t mind telling it), he was tearing up because people the young man’s age don’t ask him about anymore.

So with Memorial Day being in rear-view don’t forget why there is a “free” day off at the end of May. That day is far from free. It was the ultimate sacrifice paid by so many that made it possible. Also just because Memorial Day is one day out of the year doesn’t mean that we can’t remember those who paid that sacrifice whenever and as much as we can.

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  1. Thanks to all that serve. And thank you HippyFitDad for your service and post.

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