An Apple a Day Will Keep the Flab Away!

An Apple a Day Will Keep the Flab Away!

Today I wanted to talk about the importance of eating whole apples to support your muscles.  When most people think about building or maintaining muscles, the emphasis is always on protein.  Now don’t get me wrong, protein is essential for muscle build and growth but don’t get fixated on everything protein.  As we age (yea unfortunately), we lose muscle.  That is a huge reason why, as we get older, we need to incorporate weight training into our regime.  Weight training is essential to prevent certain body parts from losing muscle and making their way down to the floor. 

Recently, research has shown that a chemical in apple peels, called ursolic acid, can help prevent muscle atrophy.  Muscle atrophy is basically the wasting away of someone’s muscles.  Which can explain why are body doesn’t look the same as when we were younger.  Maintaining muscle is necessary to keep a youthful and healthy looking body which we all want.  Not only does the building and maintaining muscles keeps you lean by burning more calories throughout the day but it also reduces injury and osteoporosis.

Remember to that our body gets used to our body weight over time, so that leads to a saggy booty and other saggy body parts because the muscles don’t have to work as hard anymore.  So weight train to challenge and grow muscles and incorporate apples to maintain those muscles.

The time to prevent injuries and illnesses is now.  Don’t wait till you have a problem.  So eat your apples to help maintain your muscles.

Till next time…eat that organic apple!

About Amber, the Hippy Fit Mom

I am a mother of two and military spouse, who tries to find balance in life as a wife, a mother, and everything in between while staying fit and healthy. I am a fairly new mother and playing the “learn as I go” game. I have had an interesting ride so far and had to learn from mistakes that most all new moms make.

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