4 Exercise Classes For A New You


A few years ago, when I started on my path to optimum fitness and health, I used to think exercise classes were for the generation before me.  I imagined classes filled with women who wore spandex and cheesy exercise music.  Boy was I wrong!  My sister introduced me to exercise classes.  I reluctantly joined her in a class because I ... Read More »

Plank Segment For The Moms Everyday Show


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Are You Growing Stagnant?

You Grow Outside Your Comfort Zone and only grow stagnant in your comfort zone

I hate that lately I been starting off my most recent posts with “it’s been a long time since my last post”, but hey…you know how it can be.  Well, this time I have good reason!  If you follow me on social media, then you know that I made the commitment to get certified as a personal trainer which I ... Read More »

Do You Do It Alone Or With A Partner?

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I was chatting with my girlfriend about this issue.  I couldn’t believe she wouldn’t do it alone.  I mean it is fun, and I especially get so much satisfaction out of it.  The feeling you get after one session is just incredible to me.  I love the high I feel after a sweat session, whether I do it with someone ... Read More »

Tips On How To Stay Fit…Family Style!


  The Hip Spot – Getting The Skinny With HippyFitMom Episode 5 Join me as I chat with HippyFitDad on The Hip Spot — Getting The Skinny With HippyFitMom. The Hip Spot is fresh, fun and awesome conversations with amazing people. This show is to motivate others to be their best selves, while leading healthy and fit lives. On this ... Read More »