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HippyFitMom – The Skinny With Christy Stucker

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On this episode we are talking with Christy Stucker aka Mother Stucker of She shares with us her philanthropic platforms and how she uses health and fitness be a better version of herself. On her fun and inspiring blog,, she talks about all thngs family and motherhood. In this video she also speaks to who inspires her in ... Read More »

HippyFitMom – The Skinny Episode 4 With Shawngela Pierce

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On this episode we are talking with Shawngela Pierce of She shares with us the importance of meditation and how to incorporate it into our daily lives. Seek Within You provides training, workshops & retreats in meditation and other holistic techniques for reducing stress & anxiety and increasing productivity for individuals and corporations. Seek Within You provides this training ... Read More »

Episode 3 With Laura Tarbell – Fitness Competitor And Mommy

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On this episode we are talking with Laura Tarbell. She shares her DVD with us, Pilates For Runners. This mom of two sets of twin is a fitness trainer, competitor and enthusiast. She created the WoW Team in support of women achieving their fitness goals. She is passionate about health and fitness, and is a great inspiration to other women ... Read More »

Episode 2 With Tiana Tibbs – Bride-To-Be And Instant Mom

Tiana Tibbs

On this episode we are talking with Tiana Tibbs. She shares with us her struggles and victories when it comes to her health and fitness goals. This soon-to-be instant mom shares her health struggles when it comes to PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). She shares with us her journey as she “sweats for the dress”. This bride-to-be is overcoming obstacles and ... Read More »

Episode 1 With Tammy Ezell – Fitness Trainer And Mother

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On this episode we are talking with Tammy Ezell. She shares her story of struggles and victories. This mom of 5 completed her first fitness competition in March 2013 and placed 2nd in her weight class. She has a B.S. in Health and Wellness and she is a group fitness instructor and personal trainer for almost 7 years. She has ... Read More »