Get Out “The Zone” To Really Get In It!

Get Out “The Zone” To Really Get In It!

If you are anything like me when you go to the gym, you are decorated with some headphones with some “get in the zone” music blasting.  Normally, when I walk in the gym I am focused [man] (in my best Jay-Z voice).  I don’t see or hear anyone else.  Nothing else exists.  It is just me, the equipment and my goal to accomplish.  As of lately though, I have been hitting the infamous plateau effect.  Not seeing much change or results.  How can I not being seeing results when I am so focused?  I eat healthy and foods that support my fitness goals, but no greater results.  Until one day I left my headphones at home.  I was really upset.  How was I to get in the zone without my music?  But I learned that sometimes you have to get out of the zone to really get in it.  Let me explain.

You see sometimes when you are in your own zone you miss out on opportunities to meet great people and get great ideas.  Especially when you go the gym on a regular, you see the same people with some of the same goals as you.  Take advantage of it.  Now I am not saying that getting in the zone is a bad thing at all.    In fact, being focused on your routines or being in the zone is necessary a lot of the times.  But sometimes you need to get out of it and open yourself up to meeting those that share you same goals and the ideas they have.

That day, when I was forced to work out without my music and not guarded from the sounds and awareness of others, I meet some great people.  Getting out of the zone and becoming more aware of my surroundings, I was more open, observant and susceptible to gaining knowledge and ideas from others.  Seeing what others were doing and taking those ideas to fit my goals, was just what I needed to get out of my plateau.  Not only that, most people are nice and willing to share tips that can be just what you need to get where you need to be.  It is nice to know people and have some sort of rapport with those you see in the gym every day.  It makes going to the gym fun.  And for those who dread going to the gym, that might be the motivation you need.  Friends and support are necessary to achieve optimum fitness some days.  Get motivation from others and let them assist you into getting to the next level.  Smiling and laughing can be that push you need to get through that last set.  So next time you are in the gym, say hi and smile.  Allow people you don’t know to be your motivation!  Look around and get ideas.  Who knew something so simple can take you where you need to be.

Till Next time….step out of your zone and laugh your way through that cardio interval!

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My name is Amber Turner as you probably already know. I am passionate about health, fitness, beauty and wellness of the mind. I spent my early career interning in IT at Northrop Grumman where I learned the fundamentals of Information Technology. From there, I moved on to a career in Human Resources for the Department of the Air Force. I have a bachelor’s degree in Business and Information Technology. I am now starting my own Independent Recruiting service, where I am matching great talent with awesome jobs. I am also currently involved in creating and producing videos, radio, social media marketing, blogging, video blogging and freelance writing.

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