Injury….Not A Good Look

Injury….Not A Good Look

Yesterday I learned a valuable lesson on the importance of having a spotter in the gym.  If you read my previous post, “You Can Make Them Perkier, Naturally?”, then you would know the importance of bench pressing.  In regards to the aforementioned, I would like to talk safety.  Normally, whenever I do chest exercises I have a spotter.  This last time however, I tried to do it on my own.  Big mistake!

This time I decided to increase the weight a little bit (I mean that is the point, to get stronger), but the problem with that is is that I did know what I could really do.  I didn’t have a spotter so if my arms gave out (like they did), I would be SOL.  So yes, my arms gave out.  And I must say, it was quite embarrassing to have to call someone to help me.  I was lucky enough to get my knee in between me and the bar (thanks to being a cheerleader back in the day).

Though I didn’t show it while I continued my workout, I was really shaken up by the situation.  Normally, I am very safe when I hit the gym.  I always make sure form is correct, and try to reduce the risk of injury anytime I go.  I really don’t want to hurt myself (it will put a wrench in my workout routines if I do).  So I wanted to take a moment and talk safety for the gym and at home.

  • Push Hard….but Not Too Hard – Don’t overexert yourself into injury or dizziness.  I am a “go hard or go home” type person but not a “go hard AND end up the hospital” type person.  Pushing yourself is always good but don’t do it too much where you will end up being pushed out on a stretcher.
  • Have A Spotter-Okay this is obvious.  If you didn’t read the above then you might not know the significance of this.  According to, in 2009, college football player Stafon Johnson was forced to end a promising career after a barbell fell and crushed his neck and larynx. While there was a coach stationed about 10-feet away from the athlete, reports indicate that the tailback did not have a spotter.  So yea, this is serious.
  • Practice Good Form-If you don’t know proper form, take the time to do a little research and don’t be afraid to ask others in the gym.  Most people are always willing to spill some knowledge on those that don’t know much about exercise and proper form.  Always protect your knees.  So many people end up with knee problems.  This can come from the normal wear and tear that happens or from improper form.  Exercise is good, but if you can’t walk when you are older then what good is it? (it is still good but you still want to be able to walk).

Till Next Time…..Dont hurt yourself!

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