Is Fiber The Answer To Blocking Fat Absorption?

Is Fiber The Answer To Blocking Fat Absorption?

I totally believe that everyone is not created equal when it comes to diet.  We all have our vices when it comes to food and our diets.  For me, nut butters and raw nuts are mine.  Sometimes we tend to indulge in foods that make us happy…..I know I do.  Over indulgence of course leads to extra calories and fat, which is something that we don’t need on the road to optimum health.  We have all heard that fiber is always a great addition to a healthy diet.  But how beneficial is it really?

How much is enough and what can it really do for us as far as our fitness goals go?  We see all the time on TV those fiber commercials.  You know the ones that advertise that their tasty treats have such and such amount of fiber in them.  I, for one fell in to all the hype about fiber and the unknown benefit of it.  So I bought those tasty treats and didn’t see a difference in anything.  I was blinded by the word fiber on the box, that I didn’t even notice what I was eating.  Bars and cereals filled with sugar, additives unnecessary calories that left me still hungry and reaching for additional foods to satisfy me.  Lets just say I wasn’t doing myself any favors by eating that stuff.  But all the same, fiber is very beneficial not only for a fitness (getting that body you want), but also lowering the risk of cancer.  According to, fiber slows the absorption of fat  making your body absorb less calories.  Well that sounds great huh?  Well what are the sources of this magical substances that can lower fat absorption and calories?  Well healthy foods of course.  Fruits, vegetables and raw nuts are great sources.  I love to get my fiber from fruit and nuts.  But even if you eat all those things is that enough?  Probably not.  It isn’t for me.  I need to supplement.  I always try to get fiber from whole foods, which in my opinion is the best way.  But if you can’t get it, then buy it.  Supplementing is better than getting it from cereals and snacks because there are less artificial ingredients, sugars and calories.  I have seen a difference in my fitness and body since supplmenting fiber in my diet.  Two major types of fiber supplements are inulin and pysllium.  I use pysllium husks.  Keeps me real regular….I know TMI.  Whether you are trying to lose weight, maintain your weight or just get regular, fiber supplements can be very beneficial.  For me, it gives me more energy because you don’t go around with a “full feeling” all the time allowing me to get through the day or workouts.

Till Next Time….step away from those calorie and sugar filled fiber snacks and use supplements.

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