It Is Time to Break Out Those Backless Dresses!

It Is Time to Break Out Those Backless Dresses!

For many of us, a beautiful back is something we want and desire.  A beautiful, sculpted back is the asset that makes strapless and backless dresses ever so sexy.  Having that beautiful back that every woman dreams of and wants is achievable.  Not only that, working the back makes for a strong core.  We put so much emphasis on our abs that we neglect our back.  Both are just as important to get that small waistline.

Got time on your hands?  Head to the gym and try these exercises to get the back of your dreams.

Exercises for a sculpted and strong back @ the gym:

Wide-grip pull-up on pull-up bar- Ladies make sure you pull through you elbows when executing this.

Lat pulldown- I love this exercise.  You can pull the bar down in front of you or behind your head.

Seated cable row- Make sure you do not round your back here.

Machine row- Back straight and pull through your elbows

No extra time?  Try these exercises @home while watching TV and keeping an eye on the kids.

Exercises for a sculpted and strong back @ home:

One-Arm dumbbell row- Always be cognizant of your posture when performing this exercise.

Bent-over dumbbell row- Keep knees bent slightly

Superman- Try to hold this exercise for a minute

I have to say here I am not a certified trainer (though I am working on it but not yet) but wanted to share some exercises I do for a sculpted back.  I like to do 4 sets of 12 to 15 reps.

Also, to get that clear and healthy glowing skin, you must practice a good clean diet.  Lifestyle, mental state and diet has a large effect on the quality of your skin.  Drink lots of water to cleanse and try to eat mostly whole foods that have not been altered.  Go for foods in the natural state if at all possible, and organic would be even better.

Till next time….eat that protein to build those muscles!


About Amber, the Hippy Fit Mom

I am a mother of two and military spouse, who tries to find balance in life as a wife, a mother, and everything in between while staying fit and healthy. I am a fairly new mother and playing the “learn as I go” game. I have had an interesting ride so far and had to learn from mistakes that most all new moms make.

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