My Secret Addiction……Peanut Butter

My Secret Addiction……Peanut Butter

One of my favorite snacks to eat in a hurry is natural peanut butter.  I love love this stuff (mind wondering to a place of  everything peanut butter…..annnnnnd I am back!).  I can’t get enough of this food.  I mean you can put it on just about anything to add some protein to it.  Good sources of protein are necessary for muscle building.  I like to add it to my buckwheat waffles, apples, bananas and eggs (yes sounds weird but is really good!).  Other snacks you can add it to include celery, protein shakes, cookies, etc.  A lot of people are turned off by the look of natural peanut butter because of the oil separation.  But don’t let the look fool you because it is delicious.  I like to pour the oil off anyways just to make it a little lighter. 

As we know, peanut butter is a good source of protein to help us achieve our fitness goals.  Did you know that it can help with healthy skin?  Yes it can and it is loaded with fiber which assists with regulating blood cholesterol and sugar levels.  I often eat some to curb my appetite after dinner.  Peanut butter has so many benefits that you can’t go wrong eating this creamy or chunky food, right?  Well anything in excess is not a good thing, but not all peanut butter is created equal.

What are some of the things you should look for when it comes to choosing a good jar though?  You must ALWAYS read the ingredients.  This is key.  Don’t be fooled by just seeing the words “Natural” on the jar.  Read what is in it.  I have seen jars of natural peanut butters that have more than 3 ingredients, which include sugar and palm oil to name a few.  Natural peanut butter will have a different texture than its highly processed counterparts.  It also might take a little time to get used to the taste especially if you are really used to the real creamy and smooth highly processed peanut butter. I personally enjoy Smuckers Natural Peanut Butter, which the ingredients are peanuts and less than 1% of salt.  Yea that’s it!  To me this brand is a really good option for those on a budget.  Organic peanut butters are always good too, but of course they will be a little more pricey too.

So remember keep the ingredients down to a minimum (that is with anything you eat).  Just don’t look for the word natural.  Also, eat a little to curb your appetite so you don’t overeat.  Peanut Butter is a good source a protein but also high in calories so I would not recommend to eat it in excess.  And if you eat it, put that protein to good use and weight train.

Till Next Time…….read the ingredients!

About Amber, the Hippy Fit Mom

My name is Amber Turner as you probably already know. I am passionate about health, fitness, beauty and wellness of the mind. I spent my early career interning in IT at Northrop Grumman where I learned the fundamentals of Information Technology. From there, I moved on to a career in Human Resources for the Department of the Air Force. I have a bachelor’s degree in Business and Information Technology. I am now starting my own Independent Recruiting service, where I am matching great talent with awesome jobs. I am also currently involved in creating and producing videos, radio, social media marketing, blogging, video blogging and freelance writing.


  1. Oh, yes, I love natural pb, too!! What is it with active women and the pb obsession?! 🙂 Great review. And thanks for stopping by my blog, too!

  2. I love peanut butter too! You are so right about those calories.

  3. I am a huge fan of the Maranatha no stir creamy organic pb. And lately I’ve started putting PB into my almond milk shakes, with a scoop of protein powder. It’s tasty.

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