Not A Fan Of Cardio? Try Interval Training

Not A Fan Of Cardio? Try Interval Training

If you are anything like me, cardio is not “your thing” at all.  I really dread cardio.  Well….we have a love/hate relationship.  With the right playlist, cardio sessions are more bearable.  I, myself, love to lift weights and to do strength training.  But I DREAD cardio (did I say that again?).  One thing that I have tried and found really effective is interval training.  It makes for shorter sessions that are just as effective as long drawn-out sessions.

Interval training are short, high intensity bursts of a certain exercise like running and plyometrics with short rest/recovery time.  With the right structure, you can cut your session in half and focus on other things like sculpting legs and arms, or whatever is important to you.  Being a busy mom, this is important for me.  I need to get in and out of the gym.  My lifestyle just does not allow me to spend a lot of time in the gym, so being effective with my time is really important.  Besides that, it can help reduce injury because there is less repetitive motion.  I, myself, would just rather burn more calories in a less amount of time.  Also, it is less boring!  There are times when taking a run is beneficial for me.  I, at times, want to be alone with my thoughts especially if something is weighing heavy on my mind.  Running and other cardio sessions like biking, allows me to do that.  But most days, I have so much on my plate I am just trying to fit in my workouts without compromising the effectiveness of them.

Common Interval Training Workouts According to

·         Stair Running

·         Plyometrics

·         Plyometric Program for Injury Prevention

·         30-Second Sprint Drills

·         Boot Camp Workouts

·         Speed Drills

·         Explosive Exercise Training

·         Agility Drills

·         Shuttle Runs

·         Tuck Jumps

·         Jump Rope Workouts

Interval training is really easy too!  Check out eHow Mom.  They have great suggestions on how to accomplish interval training.  I normally do interval training on the treadmill since it is easy to keep up with time and speed.

Till Next Time…..If You Need A Quick Workout, Try Interval Training!


About Amber, the Hippy Fit Mom

I am a mother of two and military spouse, who tries to find balance in life as a wife, a mother, and everything in between while staying fit and healthy. I am a fairly new mother and playing the “learn as I go” game. I have had an interesting ride so far and had to learn from mistakes that most all new moms make.

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