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Springing Into A New You – Your Goals, Your Life

A New

What is your new you? This week has been ALL about “Springing Into A New You” here.  Spring always is rejuvenating for me as it signifies new things and life.  The flowers and plants start anew by blooming and bringing a new beauty to our surroundings.  Besides New Years, it is another goal setting mark within the year.  It can ... Read More »

The Hip Spot With Guest Mary Kosir


We are “Spring Into A New YOU” this week! On this episode we will be chatting with Mary Kosir of WholeMe. The Kosir family thought they were healthy. But when Mary’s husband was diagnosed with Type I diabetes, it was time to re-evaluate. The Kosirs kicked it up a notch. They embraced a healthier lifestyle, entering races together and adopting a ... Read More »

Awesome Recipes Using WEDO Banana Flour


This week on The Hip Spot we had David Wintzer of WEDO.  We had the best time!  He gave great tips and advice for those who are looking to go gluten-free.  His product, banana flour, definitely makes the transition a lot easier and less daunting.  So I wanted to offer you some #yummy and #delish recipes to create great meals ... Read More »

Add Some Spice To Your Life – How To Have Healthy Flavor


It is ALL about #HealthyCooking this week! I hope you all are enjoying the awesome information.  This week on The Hip Spot we had David Wintzer of WEDO.  I had such a great time talking with him. Read More »

The Hip Spot With Guest David Wintzer Of WEDO


This episode we will be chatting with David Wintzer.  David Wintzer is the co-creator of WEDO. WEDO (‘We Do’) Gluten Free began in the heart of Kenya when Co-creator David Wintzer was assisting a group of 25 women, Women Entrepreneurs Development Organization (WEDO) in granting micro-loans to start up small business, one of which a banana flour factory. WEDO Gluten Free’s original and ... Read More »

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