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Bloopers Round 3! Setbacks And Challenges


Living a healthy lifestyle can be hard especially when we experience setbacks and challenges in our lives.  However, we must push through and continue down the road to optimum health.   Read More »

Wanna Look Younger? Um Who Doesn’t! – Beauty Tricks To Look Younger


The Best Makeup Tricks That Make You Look Younger While you can always opt for Botox treatments or face lifts to make yourself appear younger than you really are, you can also implement specific makeup tricks and strategies that will do the trick in the meantime. By applying your makeup the right way, you can create the illusion that your ... Read More »

Thank You!!! Creating Mental And Spiritual Health For Fitness


Description: Ensuring mental and spiritual health is the key to physical health and fitness. There are several ways to stay healthy mentally and one great way is praise others publicly. ThankNest.com is a great platform for you to accomplish praising others publicly. They want to help and remind you to thank others and share their praises with the world! Kindness is ... Read More »

Guest Post: How to Handle Your Toddler’s First Trip to the Dentist


How to Handle Your Toddler’s First Trip to the Dentist As your baby makes the transition into toddlerhood, one of the biggest things they will have to deal with (and that you will have to deal with too!) is their first milk teeth coming through. Teething causes a lot of trouble for babies, and it is one of the most ... Read More »

Skincare Can Truly Be Uplifting! Taking Care Of Your Boobs After Kids


A simple boobie mask for your “girls” for great skin care. Taking care of your skin is just as important when it comes to taking care of your breasts after having a baby.  Also, check out “You Can Make Them Perkier…Naturally” for ways to sue exercise to regain shape to your breasts.   Read More »

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