Preserve Your Body, Buy Shoes!

Preserve Your Body, Buy Shoes!

Lately, I have been having serious pains in my hips, knees, legs…..well pretty much my whole body.  I have been hitting the gym pretty hard here lately to get my mind off of things.  But boy do I feel it!  I have been doing a lot of running, mostly sprints and interval training.  The pains that I have been feeling made me wonder if I am doing the best that I can to preserve my body while taking care of it.  Well the other day, my sister of Fourteen20 Designs and I were discussing the subject of preserving our body for the long term well.  I mean who wants a slamming body at 50 without the ability to walk…..well I guess some would but I want to be able to enjoy life too.  So we started talking about running shoes and how important they are in the preservation of one’s body.  But what are the benefits and how should you go about getting some that are perfect for your particular body?  We are all different.  I had no clue myself.  So I did some research.

Running and other high impact exercises can be pretty harsh on your body.  I know I have been feeling it a lot lately.  I can only imagine how it will be when I get older.  Investing in a good pair a shoes is necessary to protect your body, especially your knees.  Running is repetitious pounding on a hard surface.  This will do damage to anyone’s body if the necessary precautions are not taken.  According to, a good pair of running shoes protects your feet from their own instabilities.  There are many stores, like RunFit, that assists runners or those wanting to run to find the right shoe specifically for them.  By that I mean, they analyze you, your foot, your walk, etc. to find a shoe that will be perfect for you.  That is what my sister and I plan on doing.  I honestly feel that it is a great investment.  I mean what better investment is there than investing in yourself?  Invest in your health and preserving your body at the same time.

Some experts recommend replacing running shoes every 400 miles are so.  I doubt I would keep up with the mileage I put on a pair of shoes but if you can, that’s great.  If you read, “On To The Next One” about my first 5K, you know that I didn’t have a good pair of running shoes then.  I doubt you are supposed to see your socks through the shoes. But I am happy to say that I have invested in a better pair of shoes since that race.  So if you haven’t invested in a good pair of shoes, consider it.  I just bought my daughter a good pair of running shoes…especially after the we did together.  It is so worth it.  You can’t put a price on your health and body…..well doctors can…..

Till Next Time….keep on running!

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