Protect Yourself!

Protect Yourself!

If you read my last post, Preserve Your Body, Buy Shoes, then you know the importance of preserving your body.  I wanted stay along the same lines and talk about protecting our skin.  With the summer months here already, we must change up our beauty routines to accommodate the tremendously hot weather and the fact that most of us will be more exposed to the sun.  With that, we must protect our skin.  Protecting our skin and our children’s skin is really important.  Skin damage is real people!  So lets act like it.  According to the RN Guide To Skincare (, most people do not apply enough sunscreen.  I must admit sunscreen and sun protection was never that important to me.  But now that I am getting older (everyday….boo!) and have kids, I have realized that this easy and fast beauty routine is really important especially in the fact that I want to age gracefully.  Sunscreen should be the last product applied to our skin.  I make it part of my morning routine now, it is the last thing I do before putting on my clothes for the day.   We have heard the exposure to the sun leads to wrinkles and premature aging.  Who wants that?  Definitely not me.  Being healthy is so much more than just exercise and fitness.  We have to take care of our bodies which includes our skin.  So ladies and gents (we are equal opportunity here), we need to slather on that sunscreen on ourselves and kids.

Below is a great site with helpful information on sunscreen and sun protection.  Check it out.

Till Next Time……protect yourself!

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