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The Hip Spot Episode 2 – Mother’s Day

Episode 2

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How I Start My Day – 4 Healthy Tips


  Hey Guys! So I wanted to share 4 ways I like to start my morning. As you know, I am a health nut. Bonafid and proud of it! I always start my morning with these items. These are some of my favorite ways to start my days so I wanted to share. 1) VegaSport Preworkout – this helps take ... Read More »

4 Exercise Classes For A New You


A few years ago, when I started on my path to optimum fitness and health, I used to think exercise classes were for the generation before me.  I imagined classes filled with women who wore spandex and cheesy exercise music.  Boy was I wrong!  My sister introduced me to exercise classes.  I reluctantly joined her in a class because I ... Read More »

Plank Segment For The Moms Everyday Show


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Do You Do It Alone Or With A Partner?

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I was chatting with my girlfriend about this issue.  I couldn’t believe she wouldn’t do it alone.  I mean it is fun, and I especially get so much satisfaction out of it.  The feeling you get after one session is just incredible to me.  I love the high I feel after a sweat session, whether I do it with someone ... Read More »