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The Hip Spot Episode 2 – Mother’s Day

Episode 2

For ideas and guest requests email me at hippyfitmom@gmail.com Read More »

The Uneventful Adventures of #DateNight


Ah yes, date night.  This now popular hashtag didn’t really used to be a “thing” before kids.  Now, it is totally a “thing” that typically requires a lot of thought and planning since having children.  Trying to find events around town that correspond with the time that we will be available, that doesn’t require far travel and quite frankly doesn’t ... Read More »

Reciprocity – The Friendship Factor

beach 6

Being a wife of a man whose occupation required us to do a quite a bit of moving, I found myself in the same position each move to make new friends or tent poles as I like to call it as well. It is or was never easy for me as I am pretty shy and much of an introvert, ... Read More »

Where Are You Going? Taking Yourself To The Next Level

beach 6

Do you know where you want to go in life? I have an idea, but the most recent months have created immense confusion in my head on where I am heading.  If you have read my previous posts or my About Me, then you know I am a career-driven military spouse.  In my journey, I have had many victories as ... Read More »

Tips On How To Manage Stress – The Hip Spot Ep 6


The Hip Spot – Getting The Skinny With HippyFitMom Episode 6 Join me as I chat with Melanie Smithson on The Hip Spot — Getting The Skinny With HippyFitMom. On this episode we chat with Melanie Smithson on how to manage stress. She is also sharing her book with us, Stress Free In 30 Seconds http://www.melaniesmithson.com/Denver-Inspirational-Speaker.html Join in the convo ... Read More »