Time To Hit The Beach For Some….Abs?

Time To Hit The Beach For Some….Abs?

This weekend the family and I had a wonderful time at the beach.  The beach is a great place to have good, quality family time.  But if you are anything like me, life is all about maximizing your time.  Hey, as a busy mom you gotta fit in fitness where you can.  So while the kids made their sand castles and the husband read the paper, I thought to fit in some ab work. I normally have such a hard time doing ab work at home or even at the gym because I always end up irritating my back.  I have always had back problems but thought it was a part of my life….everyone’s life.  I never could understand why others where able to perform ab exercises that I could not in some of the exercise classes I would take without having excruciating pain in their backs.  I recently did some studying for my certification and discovered a condition called swayback or lordosis.  Swayback or lordosis is when the spine curves too far inward leaving a  space beneath the lower back and a hard surface.  Which is what I think I have.  It is impossible for me to push my lower back to the floor.  Most people I know have back problems.  Its just one of those body parts that gets abused over the years from lifting kids, junk, bags or whatever the case maybe.  Back problems can make doing ab exercises tough.  I personally like to do standing ab work because of my back, but I just feel doing ab work on the floor would be very effective if I could do it.  I am happy to say that I found doing ab exercises on the beach increased my ability to execute the exercises by 50% (note that is not an exact number, lol).  I was excited because I realized the ab exercises that have always attempted in the past that seemed impossible to do where not as hard as they once were.  This information was two-fold….1) My back is preventing me from executing ab exercises and 2) There are things I can do to execute the exercises appropriately.

I really wanted to share this information with you all because your back can be preventing you from reaching your ab potential.  The beach is a good option to perform such exercises if you are have trouble.  The sand contours to your body making ab exercises more comfortable for those of us with back issues. I never wanted to train my abs because of my back.  I am excited that I can train them effectively and reach even greater potential.

Till Next Time…..the beach is for more than just some sun but abs as well. Strive for you full potential!

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