The Hip Spot With Guest David Wintzer Of WEDO

The Hip Spot With Guest David Wintzer Of WEDO

This episode we will be chatting with David Wintzer.  David Wintzer is the co-creator of WEDO. WEDO (‘We Do’) Gluten Free began in the heart of Kenya when Co-creator David Wintzer was assisting a group of 25 women, Women Entrepreneurs Development Organization (WEDO) in granting micro-loans to start up small business, one of which a banana flour factory. WEDO Gluten Free’s original and first supplier. After working with group for almost two years WEDO Gluten Free knew it had to expand to other parts of the world if it wanted to meet the demand for a potential US market.

David graduated from Westminster College with a degree in International Business. As program director for YouthLinc micro-finance, David traveled to Kenya for three years to give small business loans to women entrepreneurs. WEDO was born during David’s trip to Kenya when he met a small banana flour company and quickly realized the market potential within the US. David studied and was a student to the process of producing banana flour for two years before taking this idea outside of Kenya and finding a manufacturer who could support US-sized distribution. David has built relationships and established contacts around the world to ensure the success of WEDO in the US. David has taken all he has learned from Kenya and put it towards different ways of producing banana flour at a faster and more efficient rate than its current production.

We are talking Trending Topics, playing What Is The Deal and the Awesome Product of the Week.

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