Working out With Shaun T Is No Cup Of Tea…

Working out With Shaun T Is No Cup Of Tea…

Wow! I can’t believe I was afforded the opportunity to workout with the man behind the Insanity workouts and Hip Hop Abs, Shaun T. I have to say though, I was not to happy when my husband surprised me by signing me up without my knowledge. But that was the push I needed to realize my potential. I have to admit that seeing all the really fit people there had me doubting my abilities a little bit. I had tried the Insanity workout before and gave up. I mean he doesn’t call it Insanity for nothing! So seeing everyone with their Insanity T-shirts and hats, made me a little (A LOT) nervous. Visions of everyone doing the workout with no problem and me on the floor passed out, ran through my head (yea it was not sugar plums). Then I came to my senses….where were all these negative thoughts coming from? Insecurity? Maybe (yes!)… I had to change my thought process. I went there for the experience to workout with Shaun T and to get my “fitness on”. So that was what I was going to do.

HippyFitDad and HippyFitMom making our “hard” faces before the workout.

When we started the workout, I was calm, cool and collected.  With affirmations such as “you got this!” and “I can do this!” running through my head, I breezed through the first part…..which later he let us know was just the “warm up”.  As the workout progressed, I am not going to lie, I was one of those people you see on the hard floor gasping for air, but so was everyone else.  You see, we were all in it TOGETHER. Every-time we made it through an interval, everyone was giving high-5s and encouraging one another.  I loved it. It was like we were a family going through something really tough.  I was really surprised about the camaraderie that was present, especially since the crowd incorporated everyone from all walks of life.  I mean there were people who traveled out of state to attend this event.  There were people who were different types of ethnicites, shapes and sizes, but we all came together for one purpose which was to workout with the man behind Insanity.

“Not feeling the warm up” face by HippyFitMom…

This was really the first time I had done a workout like this.  The use of plyometrics was exciting to me.  I had always been the type to run, weight train, or do yoga, so finding out how fun this type of workout can be was great!  It was really cool to find out how down to earth Shaun T was too.  I don’t really know what I expected, but I met some personal trainers and they can be….um… ahem, not so nice.  He was really encouraging and funny.  I am so happy I did this.

I think I did okay but I was hurting along with everyone else.

So next time you find yourself doubting yourself, remember that you are doing this for you and not anyone else.  Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that.  We can get caught up comparing ourselves to others and doubting our abilities, then we miss out on our greatness.  We all have potential.  Don’t let doubt or other outside factors get in the way of that.  Push yourself and know you can do it.  That is one thing Shaun T kept stressing.  When it comes to our fitness, we must push ourselves for the best.

Sense of Accomplishment!

Till Next Time….Keep on pushing and Dig Deep!

Check out coverage on this event at the link below.

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  1. Hey Amber. I love the sense of accomplishment after doing something that is really intimidating or challenging too. It sets you up do to even bigger and better things! Great post 🙂

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